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Harga:RP 75.000 (Excluded Vat 10%)
Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman:SACHET
Negara Asal:Indonesia
Keterangan:Feromonas to control the beetle Oryctes rhinoceros horns. Beetle O. rhinoceros attacking palm trees newly planted in the field until the age of 2.5 years. These beetles attack rarely encountered oil palm is produced ( TM) . However, the provision does mulch empty oil palm bunches ( TKS) is more than one layer, then the pest problem is also found in the area of TM. In the area of oil palm replanting, beetle attacks may cause delays in production of up to one year and dead plants can reach 25% . Horn beetle problems this time with the increasing application of oil palm empty bunches in gawangan or on a large planting hole system.
TKS mulch application which can lead to inappropriate beetle problems in the horn of an old oil palm area.
Recent efforts in controlling the use of the horn beetle pheromone traps. PPKS currently has successfully synthesize pheromones aggregate ( with Feromonas trade name) to attract male and female beetles. Aggregate pheromone is useful as a means of population control of pests and as a trap mass. Recommendations for bulk trap is a trap laid for 2 hectares. At high beetle populations, application of pheromone traps applied to one hectare.
Pemerangkapan beetle O. rhinoceros using ferotrap consists of a bag that hung from synthetic pheromones in plastic buckets capacity 12. Close the plastic bucket is placed upside down and drilled with a diameter of 5 pieces 55 mm. On the basis of a plastic bucket made 5 holes with a diameter of 2 mm for the disposal of rain water. One bag of synthetic pheromones can be used for 2-3 months. Every single week is a collection of beetles trapped and killed.
Pheromones for Horn Beetle Control
* Horn beetle ( Oryctes rhinoceros) generally attacks the young oil palm trees and can reduce the production of fresh fruit bunches ( FFB) in the first year yield up to 69% . In addition, beetle horns are also turned off the young plants up to 25% .
* The use of pheromones as a natural insecticide highly effective, environmentally friendly, and less expensive than conventional control techniques. Pheromone is a substance that insects take on sexual partners, prey, host plant, and developing biaknya place. The main component of synthetic pheromone beetle horns is ethyl-4 methyl oktanoat. Pheromones are packaged in a plastic bag.
* Cost of pheromone utilization is only 20% of the cost of insecticide application and citing beetles manually. This is because prices are cheap pheromones and how the application in the field do not require much labor.

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